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About Alma

· 3rd place Soloist 2017 Belly Dancer of the Year Competition

· 1st place 2016 Queen of Egyptian Classical Raqs Sharqi 

· 2nd place Duet 2016 Belly Dancer of the Year Competition  

· 2016 Featured Soloist San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival

· 1st place 2011 Jewel of the Sierra Sapphire

Alma is a multi-award winning and internationally performing dancer, instructor, and choreographer.  She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area where she currently resides, teaches, and performs.  

Alma’s personal style stems from the playful and wistful style of Egyptian Golden Era Oriental dance (belly dance) and has evolved as she has studied with master teachers to produce a uniquely authentic belly dance style.  She is well-regarded for her musicality and stage presence and draws on 15+ years of theater, film, and music performance.  

She was a featured soloist at the nationally acclaimed 2016 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival in collaboration with the Georges Lammam Ensemble featuring Susu Pampanin.  In the Summer of 2016, she premiered a feature-length show in South America titled, “Una Historia de Amor.”

Alma has been invited to dance multiple times at the “Festival de la Virgen de la Candelaria” organized by the Regional Federation of Folklore and Culture of Puno, Peru.  You can see her perform regularly at different venues in the San Francisco Bay Area.  ('Shows' for more information)

Of Peruvian and Algerian descent, Alma was born in Peru, where she was first introduced to the rhythms of West and North African that influence Arabic music. Once a medical student at Stanford University, Alma has retired from academia to devote her life entirely to dance.  She holds a Bachelors of Science in chemistry from the University of Michigan and a Masters of Science in Medicine from Stanford University School of Medicine.


She uses the anatomy and physiology from her years in medical school to provide well-rounded and mindful classes that combine artistry and well-being.  She finds that dance has been a healing source for her and others.


When not dancing, Alma plays the violin, practices Tai Chi, and loves to learn new languages!


Alma will be teaching a workshop, "Windows Through Time - A Golden Era Tablaeu' at Rakkasah West 2018 on April 13th 3:00 - 5:00 PM.  Click here for more information and sign-up! 

Alma places 3rd at the 44th Annual Belly Dancer of the Year Competition

BDOY is the longest-running dance competition in the United States.

She passed to the finals performing a saidi piece and "Tablatain" - an original tabla composition by Susu Pampanin.  You can check out that performance on YouTube.

Alma Wins the 2016 "Egyptian Belly Dance Revival" Belly Queen Competition

This unique competition is designed to honor the traditional Egyptian Raws Sharqi as performed in Egypt from the 40s to early 90s.

Alma performed a Gold Era piece inspired by Samia Gamal and Taheya Karioka, as well as a live drum solo performed by Susu Pampanin, Amina Goodyear, and Mohini Rustagi.

Interview on OjoTV

Sylvia Quispe interviews Alma on belly dance and inspiration for the "Ojo en Familia" segment of OjoTV.


Air date: June 30, 2016

Lima, Peru. 

South American Debut

Alma makes her South American debut with a feature-length show - 'Una Historia de Amor'.

Interview on OjoTV (Spanish)

Air date: June 30, 2016

Lima, Peru.